The animals we know and love are also being affected by global warming.
- Over 200 species of cold-dependent animals, such as pengiuns and polar bears, are struggling to survive in their hotter climates.
- A hot climate might sound good at first glance but it means permanent damage to the Earth that we love so much.
- Already our temerature has grown 1.4 degrees Farenheit, or 0.8 degrees celcius. This means that 2.8 of our the species are going extinct right this moment.Soon enough that number will rise to 7.7 degrees Farenheit, or 4.3 celcius and will kill at least 16 percent of our species,making them extinct.
- The American Pika, a small mouse like mammal, has already lost two thirds of its habitat because of the growing change in temperature.
-This means that from the rainforest frogs of South America, to the Emperor Penguins of the Arctic regions, animals are going extinct and may not be here in a few years.